About me and this blog……

Over the last several years I have changed and developed as a person. I feel the change has been overwhelmingly empowering and positive. I have actively sought to change many outward factors in my life (diet, lifestyle, hobbies etc) but ultimately the most important change has been to take responsibility for my own physical and emotional well being and I have done this by deciding to be happy. This doesn’t mean you will always see me smiling (although more often than not this is the case); it does mean though that I try to put a positive spin on things, be accepting of change and use unexpected potential disappointments as opportunities for further growth.

On my blog you will find posts on lifestyle choices, reflections on my experiences, and tales of my Karate journey. I also offer you some more practical sustainance in the form of some of my quirky recipes. My name is Rachel but I also answer to “Mum”. I am a chef, I am a martial artist, I am a professional, I am a musician but mostly I am me; a work in progress.

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