This is who I am. (for FMS PAD post, 30/6/17)


Rachel DS 30/6/17

I’ve accomplished some things so far in my life:
Achieved a degree, become someone’s wife,
Grown tiny humans inside my womb,
Made beautiful music, penned the odd tune.
Composed my own lyrics and a few decent rhymes,
Helped many people through difficult times,

Been in love, found passion, experienced loss,
Battled self-doubt, and showed it who’s boss.
Found my way, lost it, and found it once more,
Found myself in my comfort zone, and opened the door.
I’m happy, not stagnant. I am young. I am free.
I am each day becoming the best me I can be.

I’ve wasted years of my life trying hard to fit in,
But finally I’m comfortable in my own skin.
I’ve said goodbye to my teenaged angst,
And for that fact alone, I truly give thanks.

This picture is really, truly me.
I’m five months shy of forty three.
I am confident, strong, and a vegan “ham”,
No filters, no appologies: this is who I am.

This is the Facebook post.