Repetition is the Key….or is it?


Repetition is the key to improvement and development in many things; learning kihon, ido, kata, and anything really in karate, learning a language, changing a behaviour in yourself or someone else.

But what about when repetition is not what is needed? What about when repetition is contraindicated or even leads to a decline? What about when the root cause of your problem is in fact repetition?

Recently I developed RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), also known as OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome). It’s not new to me. I had it a few years ago, which on the plus side, meant I recognised the signs pretty quickly. My job involves a lot of typing (also known as keying). First time around, it developed due to a combination of keying with high repetition for many years, increasing productivity targets and time pressures (given I had family responsibilities and couldn’t stay back late at work even if I wanted or needed to). I started getting sore arms, so repetition was key….but not in a good way in this case.

I tried various things including ergonomic keyboards and mice, adjustable seating and desks, rest breaks and stretches, but in the end the only thing that banished it (at least for a while) was a creature by the name of DRAGON. Dragon (Naturally Speaking) is a voice recognition software programme. My dragon and I both needed training, but we developed a happy (though sometimes hilarious) relationship over the years. My love of words, double meanings and his tendency to misunderstand me at times, led to some classic errors (usually picked up by me when editing) and me having a right old chuckle.

Unfortunately over the years, and as a result of multiple IT updates, my Dragon started to struggle, and due to the fact that I was so busy and didn’t want to spend my entire day on the phone to technology support resulting in a pile up of work, I ended up mousing and keying way more than I should have been…..and thus…..OOS reared its ugly head again.

My boss came to visit me one day and I showed her the issues. She made things happen, booked me some time to get help with Dragon….unfortunately things got worse after that (both with my computer and my arms). I did have to spend most of my working week getting IT issues sorted, (which meant some enforced rest of sorts) and meanwhile try to sort out my arms which weren’t letting up between one work day and the next (despited the rest), and were being exacerbated by many home activities (though, thank my lucky stars NOT karate).

Things are not perfect. I am still waiting for Dragon and appropriate peripherals at home (lucky my husband is in IT too). I am still having training with Dragon, and support to write lots of scripts to get it to function better within the programmes I need to do my job. I am still doing lots of stretches, massage, icing for my arms, and I am trying to avoid using the PC and other devices at home as much as I can (hence the short post and quiet blog). I am trying to be patient with myself and let myself recover. However it is quite a frustrating, chronic, and invisible condition, and I find myself having to explain why I have been quiet or less productive than normal. Fortunately most of my colleagues, friends, and family have been supportive of me.

Thanks for your patience, and hopefully the next blog will be dictated and without any glaring dragon typos (or maybe I can do a “out take” section for your amusement).


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