Stride with pride down the fine line beside.


PRIDE – Hokori










What do you think, when you hear the word “proud”?

Does pride come in a volume, other than loud?

And can pride exist in the absence of ego?

Does “proud” approach “humble” the further on we go?


Where does pride fit in to your self esteem?

How should you give feedback to the rest of the team?

Can the path to humility meld with self deprecation?

Does praise lead to pride? Is it mere adulation?


Does the absence of praise lead to self loathing or doubt?

Can a lack of direction drag your arrogance out?

Must you boast? Must you crow, to ensure you are heard?

Can you feel pride within, without saying a word?



Do you need others’ input to make you feel pride?

Or is it something intrinsic you feel deep inside?

Are humility and pride two sides of one coin?

Or is there a stronger yet more flowing join?


Can you walk the line proudly as you stride ‘cross the floor,

Leaving ego and arrogance in a sack at the door?

Can you take a step further? Do this if you dare:

Carry pride away with you and leave the sack there.








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