How to Budge the Grudge

I have in the past been accused of holding grudges (guilty as charged) but life is too short and I have decided that my previous default response to being wronged was / is less than useful.

Forgiving is not always easy but we can choose to do it. Forgetting may not be possible or wise. Either way though, holding a grudge is like carrying around someone else’s baggage that they no longer want or need. It is pointless and helps noone.

The following are some of my random thoughts on adopting a forgiving mindset and fostering forgiving in others.

  1. Some people are colour blind and others are blind to colours. Ultimately actions speak louder than words and true colours will shine through and be obvious to the people who matter most.
  2. Respect is a two way street, but, if you notice that someone is driving on the wrong side of the road, you should navigate safely around them. Give the other driver the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps, they are half asleep or perhaps they are not as familiar with the road rules as you.
  3. No matter how much of a waste of time it may seem, it is always important to be the bigger person. Whether or not leading by example makes a difference to the other person is irrelevant; it makes a difference to the kind of person you are perceived as and the kind of person you are.
  4. In this life, it is likely that someone, sometime will have a problem with something you do or say. Rarely will you be completely oblivious that there is a problem. Often you will sense it but not know exactly what it is. Sometimes you may find out. If you find out, try and discuss the problem and resolve it. If you don’t, don’t guess and don’t pretend there is no problem. Just be kind and respectful and hope that in time forgiveness will come.

Anyone reading this post who thinks they may have upset me, don’t worry: It’s all good and I forgive you. Anyone reading this post who I have upset, please let me know how I can make it up to you (in whatever format you feel is appropriate) and I will endeavour to make things right. If you would prefer not to discuss it then please try to find it within you to let it go.


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