The empty handed way for the person with their hands full.

TIME. It’s that finite window we have to fit in everything we want or need to do in life. We break it up into bite size chunks: Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years; morning, afternoon, evening; summer, autumn, winter, spring; meal times, bed time, time to wake up.

When babies come along, there are added routines and more things to fit in the same amount of time: nap time, feed time, play time, nappy free time, bath time,  story time, bed time. As the babies start to grow up a bit there is kindy time, school time, term time, reading time, holiday time……

Honestly I can’t understand how I ever thought I was busy before I had 2 small people to consider, whose individual ideas about time-frames often significantly conflict with my own! How much of my 20’s and early 30’s did I waste doing nothing or on time wasting activities? Who knows?….what’s done is done.

Somehow, regardless of how much time I need to take care of basics and keep the wheels turning (which is fairly significant considering I work part time for money and full time as a parent with all that entails), I still have time for other things, like making music, spending time with family and friends, exercising, blogging, sleeping, and and lots of other things besides.

Fact is, I am busy. I have a very full life. My life is full on most of the time, but that’s how I roll!

Am I too busy to train karate, or more appropriately, to incorporate or “live and breathe” karate? In theory, it would appear so. My hands are pretty full, literally and or figuratively, to live “the empty handed way”. So how can I (without the use of JK Rowling inspired magic) fit in up to 9 hours of dojo training, 5 hours of associated travel and a reasonable amount of practice in between?

I would like to say that I make time, but that is physically impossible (as useful as it would be to have an extra few hours in a day!!), but it is a simple matter of prioritising, preparing and occasional power-napping!

And when I am busy and literally have my hands full? I use what is free. Standing at the sink (I have one again now!!!) doing dishes = practising kata in my head. Brushing my teeth = practice shikodachi or other stances. Can’t get to sleep at night = practice breathing. Need a stretch break at work = practice stretches / warm up exercises / blocks. It’s amazing how many ways there are to open a door (with feet or hands) that incorporate something useful that needs practice! And it is a personal challenge to see how many kata I can fit into the 3 minutes it takes for my lunch to heat up! (And yes….how many strange looks I get from people passing the staff room while I am doing so….at work…..)

The fact of the matter is that when something is that important to you, be it Karate, yoga, meditation or whatever else floats your boat, then that’s what you do. So I don’t make excuses, I just do it. Even if I feel ‘meh’ at the start of a class or don’t feel like getting off the couch to practice at home. I. Just. Do. It. And I keep on doing it, and I hope to keep on keeping on until my time is up.

Time. Our life time is limited. We are born, we live, and we die. I want to reach my last second, knowing for certain that I have achieved my goals and run the best race I could between the start and the finish line.


5 thoughts on “The empty handed way for the person with their hands full.

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  2. Thanks for this, Rach – an opportunity for part time work is materializing and I’ve been worried how to fit 24 more hours into my life. Good to know there’s another mother out there who is making everything work!!! You’re an inspiration!

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  3. Osu, great work. Yes we only live once and we need to make the best out of it.
    I only hope I can be in that life of yours to see you achieve some goals.

    To eat, sleep karate is my way, but I also keep my family close as they are who complete me.



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