Set a high bar and reach for that star (Part 2)

Last night was the final (for me) of a series of 4 workshops run by visiting instructors. There is a final workshop tonight just for instructors and black / brown belt students. I suspect that will also be fantastic (though way out of my league)!

All the workshops run over the last 3 weeks have been amazing. I learned a lot of new things and got to build on some other skills which were more familiar. I got to see new ways of teaching, feel out new ways of learning and work within a huge group of enthusiastic and spirited participants. I also learned some more about myself as a person and as a learner. I also got to see my 6 year old take part in his first seminar last night, which was almost as special for me as it was for him.

Without going into specific details of exactly what we did at each workshop I would like to share some personal highlights.

  1. Being able to almost keep up with learning the pattern of a very difficult kata without throwing my hands in the air or freaking out.
  2. Being able to understand and see some of the bunkai before it was explained due to seeing patterns from other kata.
  3. Keeping up with the kihon and ido and getting most of the pre arranged drills correct after one or 2 goes.
  4. Not feeling out of place even when I was probably way out of my depth.
  5. Socialising with like minded individuals at varying stages of their journey and sharing / hearing stories about training and other parts of their lives.

These are highlights for me because a year ago I would not have managed any of this. It gave me a sense of personal development and general improvement in the context of being in a room full of people who were mostly further along the road (ie being able to see what I need to aspire to).

On a more personal level I learned some other things:

  1. I can and do learn best when challenged to work beyond what I think I am capable of.
  2. I am strong, determined and won’t give up.
  3. I naturally am accepting and respect others but in return, I need to feel accepted and respected in order to feel comfortable in a learning environment.
  4. I can detach myself and be objective without over-thinking reasons for why things are as they are, to help myself to overcome difficult or uncomfortable situations.
  5. I feel a strong sense of pride in seeing my son develop his confidence, concentration and achievement.

So, onward and upward to the next challenge. This year has another quarter to go and there is a lot going to be happening. Bring it!! Osu!


3 thoughts on “Set a high bar and reach for that star (Part 2)

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