20 signs of karate addiction.

My name is Rachel and I am a Karate addict. I have visited a dojo 4 times in the last week and it has been 7 hours since my last hit. Sound familiar?? You too may have a karate addiction. Signs you are a Karate addict:

  1. You structure your week around training times.
  2. You have a dedicated section in your wardrobe for your gi.
  3. You start counting the sleeps until your next training time as soon as you step out of the dojo.
  4. You keep a journal of your classes and practice kata and kihon when you get home from training, just to consolidate.
  5. You read books about the history and origins of karate (even though you were never really interested in the history of anything else before.)
  6. You practice kata while you are waiting for your lunch to heat up (even at work).
  7. You practice kata in your head before you fall asleep / when you wake up……and have been known to accidentally throw a punch or kick in bed (oops)…..
  8. You use mawashi uke or mae geri to open swing doors.
  9. You practice kihon in front of the bathroom mirror.
  10. You walk around the house in sanchin stepping.
  11. You practice kicks in the coridoor at work when (you hope) noone is around.
  12. You blog about karate and follow several karate blogs too.
  13. Most of your facebook statuses are about how good training was.
  14. You follow and interact with online martial arts forums and watch you tube videos of kata and bunkai in your “spare” time (when you should probably be asleep!).
  15. You inadvertently have the urge to bow at the door of a building (eg concert venue) and nearly (or actually) say Hai or Osu when responding to your choir conductor / significant  other / boss etc.
  16. You miss training when your dojo is on break with a feeling that there is a hole in your normal training day that can’t be filled.
  17. You come home from class and want to tell everyone who will listen all about it and how awesome it was!
  18. You are always thinking about it and  you always smile when you think about it.
  19. You can’t get enough!!!
  20. You live your life like you approach your training; with 100% spirit, 110% commitment and 0% regret.

4 thoughts on “20 signs of karate addiction.

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  2. Very good Rachel! I also totally embarrassed myself when I visited an osteopath, by tapping out instinctively on the bed when he hurt me during the assessment.


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