The flourishing cactus who left the desert.

Our paths crossed quite by chance,

And you opened up my mind.

You gave me good foundation

And you also helped me find,

A piece that had been missing

though my life had seemed quite fair.

I walked the path beside you,

But you forgot that I was there.

You seemed wise, and I was patient;

You inspired me to walk on,

Your thoughts seemed so in tune with mine,

And we seemed to get along.

You were focussed and dynamic,

And I remained upbeat,

You did not laugh (‘t least not out loud)

When you swept me off my feet.

It was not your style to praise me,

Or celebrate my wins,

I stayed positive and happy though,

(Even when I bruised my shins.)

But eventually the compliments,

As back handed as they were,

Came rushing out to meet me

Leaving self esteem a blur.

I thought perhaps that things would change,

When I asked for more direction,

But it seemed that querying your ways,

Was met with some objection.

The progress I thought I had made,

Was all thrown in to question,

And the confidence that I had built,

Disappeared at your suggestion.

Yet when I was vaguely negative,

Or at all self deprecating,

I was scolded for my attitude

And yet still you left me waiting!

I could have given up right there,

And plenty of others would,

But I remained strong and determined,

And more stubborn than I should.

But despite boundless enthusiasm,

Despite dedication and devotion,

You did not see the spark in me

And you showed me no emotion.

You gave no indication,

How and when I’d reach my goal

And slowly, yes, but surely

This began to take its toll.

It was always bound to happen;

That I’d seek my “love” elsewhere.

I needed more encouragement

To continue my “affair”.

Though you said this made no difference

And you gave me every blessing,

The further we go, I see your ego,

Giving mine another down-dressing.

It was clear my bigger picture,

Did not feature in your plan,

I admire your self improvement goals,

But have had to find another “man”.

I am sorry if it’s awkward,

It is awkward for me too.

But it’s time to break it off now;

It’s not me and it’s not you.

My teacher is your teacher

And I have to trust this time,

That my development will feature,

And my goals and his align.

You have always told me

Think with head and not with heart,

In this case, I can clearly see,

Following both is smart.

I’m the cactus in the desert

Un-watered and yet flourishing,

But now I can bloom, just like the rose

Soaking up all that is nourishing.

If you’ll still have me walk with you,

I will stay a little while.

Perhaps you’ll see the hurt in me,

Hidden behind my smile.