At the crossroads

I stand here at the crossroads,

Not quite knowing where to go,

Where my path will lead me,

How can I really know?

Do I chose the way I’ve headed,

Or the route that is less trodden,

The way of least resistance,

Or a path that’s been forgotten?

Who can I trust to guide me,

And who will hold my hand?

Who will be beside me,

When I have to take a stand?

And who will I want to be there,

If I ever take a fall?

If I find I’m disillusioned,

Or if I hit the wall?

And must I now take leave of

The one who led me here?

Will I have to burn my bridges?

Will I need to shed a tear?

I know it won’t be easy,

Which ever way I choose.

The road may well be bumpy,

but what have I got to lose?

In the end I know I’ll get there.

My goal, I’ll always see.

It may be further down the road,

but it’s still in front of me.


3 thoughts on “At the crossroads

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