Chocolate peanut butter caramel slice

Still a favourite!

A work in progress


OK this was a spur of the moment creation and approximate quantities is about all I am able to muster. I would work by taste and consistency. Next time I am going to get the “base” to be more like pastry. My intention had been to make raw peanut butter and chocolate hamantashen for purim. I was impatient and in a hurry so the pastry was more like crumb crust. It was rollable between baking paper sheets but not well foldable. Oh well the resulting accident was a resounding success which my husband (bless his cotton socks) has beseeched me to document so that I can make it again (when he has scarfed down the few I stored in the freezer rather than taking with us this evening).

Crust / top

oats (about 2-2.5 cups)

dates (about 1 -1.5 cups) – depends how sweet you like things

desiccated coconut (about…

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