Be still, my active mind!

I am a thinker. It is just who I am. It makes me a bit different, perhaps even quirky. I am also a bit of a word-nerd and an amateur poet… sue me! If you hate verse then just stop reading now. If you can tolerate it and are interested in some insights into the head-space of a thinker then read on.

Being a thinker has it’s upsides, but it can also be a problem at times. This is a poetic summary of the struggles I face as a learner with a tendency towards over-thinking things. As usual I have been thinking (surprise, surprise) about this a lot lately and trying to change my approach if I can, as when learning karate, automation and kinaesthetic learning seem inherently more useful than my default settings. 🙂


I think therefore I am: a “thinker”.

I need to toss ideas, and tinker

With endless possibilities,

Solutions, eccentricities.

To ponder all the whys and wherefores,

Consider all the “I’s” and “therefores”.

To quiet my thoughts is quite a feat;

Not unlike asking my heart not to beat.

To accept something blindly, without any queries,

To go with the flow and not ask for theories,

Is the challenge that I now must face,

To move forward, make progress, keep up the pace.

To offer an empty vessel to fill,

To accept every drop; not let any spill.

To just do, to just feel, to just be in the moment,

Let my body take over and mind just stay “dormant”,

Is yet another skill to acquire,

Another thing to which I aspire.

With time and practice, it will come to me.

With commitment and patience it can come to be.

Repetition and automation,

Mindfulness, determination,

Skill acquisition and a quiet mind,

Have links, I think, I may well find!


3 thoughts on “Be still, my active mind!

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  2. Osu, Rach! Great poem!!! I find I don’t have much trouble during Karate, but at night – ugh. I have to be proactive, so that means reserving the bedroom for sleep, getting dressed, and *wink wink.* It also means discipline about watching the clock, what I do before sleep, etc.

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    • Thanks…..I might share more poems in future… karate NY resolutions were in verse…..perhaps in the new year I will review and share. I am getting better at being less cognitive while doing basics and even in some kata……jiyu kumite you get little time to think……it is the thinking that happens after when I am trying to sort out the nuts and bolts and try and remember things properly…..separate styles etc…..that may be less than helpful. The bedroom is the least used room of the house here…..possibly only room too small to do much kata or kihon in……and I dont sleep much ….poss should look at improving this.

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