Getting blogged down: The technologically tangled web of the net – minding what I say when saying what’s on my mind.

My grandmother lived her life in an internet free world. I doubt she knew what a blog was, and I suspect Facebook was only in it’s infancy, or not even around, before she departed the world. In her lifetime she saw the advent of tv, video, CDs and DVD’s and computers, (though she refused to use the latter 3). My kids live in a parallel universe to the great grandmother they never had the pleasure of meeting. They will never know a world without mobile phones, computers, internet and instant knowledge.

I come from a world half way between. I first used a “Commodore 64” in late primary school, a “BBC Micro” in high school and a “Apple Macintosh” in my upper years of university. I used heavy texts and journals to conduct my research, and hand wrote or used a typewriter (remember those?) or word processor (or those?) for all my assignments at university up until about 3rd year. I finally got my own email account in my final (4th) year. I had a second hand PC and dial up internet access (does that even exist anymore?) when I moved out of home at the age of 23 and broadband in the first house I bought (with my husband) at the age of 30! I succumbed to peer pressure in my early 30’s and joined Facebook.

At the age of 34, at 7 months pregnant, I was finally convinced by my husband and immediate family that I should have a mobile phone. For my 34th birthday I was given a second hand Nokia with a prepaid $20 sim card. I really didn’t want a mobile and if I could get away without having one I seriously would. I only got a smart phone about a year ago and still don’t have or use a data plan (only wifi). I still hate that feeling of being always available, always “on call” (and consequently usually have my phone on silent or not with me) and I hate how people never seem to give you their full attention because they are constantly attending to every alert from their phone. I even find myself guilty of that when the wifi and the ringer on my phone are enabled.

At the age of 40 I reached the stage where I began to think and reflect a lot (even more than normal for me) and I felt like I had something to share that people might actually be interested in hearing. My statuses on Facebook started to become a bit too deep and meaningful for that context (to the point where concerned friends were asking if I was ok!!) and Facebook notes which I had started to use for sharing recipes and longer ideas was too clunky a medium. So after a combination of external encouragement and internal personal need, this blog was born.

Initially it was a means of sharing recipe ideas, talking about lifestyle and health choices and then, because I wanted to communicate with other martial arts addicts, (and not “nerdjack” {gotta love that new word I saw on Facebook} every conversation with non martial arts addicts [since most of my friends and family other than those I train with fall into that category]), I started blogging about training in karate and my journey down that path.

Weirdly (or not), my blog started getting more of a following from karate nerds than recipe junkies which could mean a number of things which I may go into at a later stage (although followers may like to comment on here as to their thoughts).

A few people locally who I train with started to follow along too. This was good and bad. On the positive side, it seemed a good forum to share thoughts with training buddies; we are generally all rushing off to the rest of our lives and too busy to talk about it at the time. On the not so positive side, it has been hard to make things anonymous or de-identified enough within the small fishpond in which I swim. I have tried to be careful but evidently it hasn’t been careful enough. It’s one thing to be followed by people who don’t know you and another to feel like you are being analysed or that you are trying to analyse others in a more public way. It’s also one thing to expose yourself to potential trolls but quite another to expose others.

After some constructive and (to my own hindsight), actually fairly charitable feedback from a friend I respect very much, I actually decided to make private a few previous posts and comments, because, even though I didn’t say anything negative, I said things that (given my local audience at least) could potentially be identifiable and (in the more general context) could be and / or were analysed negatively or otherwise and / or commented on publicly by others. I apologise to anyone to whom this might apply and would ask you to contact me if there are any issues with anything I have written or write in future.

Like with all technology and all things in this life, I am still a learner at social media and within the blogosphere. I am still a “work in progress” and I am still human and therefore….err… (sorry bad joke).

With technology and the age of the internet comes great responsibility and risks; for my kids and also for me. As a parent I need to be aware of things like cyber bullying and cyber stalking / cyber grooming and internet footprint. As a blogger, I have a responsibility to protect me and them and everyone else. In short, I need to be mindful of what I say when saying what’s on my mind.

My grandmother always used to tell me “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. As I am currently not good at blogging “nothing at all”, I will have to endeavour to blog things which are unambiguously “nice” and generally more general :).


8 thoughts on “Getting blogged down: The technologically tangled web of the net – minding what I say when saying what’s on my mind.

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  3. Push-ups are always good 😉 (mental or actual)…. Realised last Saturday I had been slacking off the actual ones…..don’t normally do them of a Saturday class (generally a sunday thing and something I do in my own time – except lately) and I nearly cried (yes really) with the effort of some of them… was a great feeling though (and I smiled when the DOMS set in a couple of days later)…..actually we have been doing circuits as part of regular Sunday training and this has not always included push ups. I have really enjoyed the circuits (especially the weights aspect) – seems to be in line with traditional goju conditioning – excellent for getting strength and power happening. Gonna be super woman if we keep it up!

    I love words….can you tell…..other new word I like is unkeybordinated. Anyway… I go to procrastibake. 🙂


    • I’ve been slacking off on pushups too, but recently discovered I can do more than ever. Uh, how does that work??? LOL! Anyway, I need to get with it otherwise I’ll lose whatever I’ve got no matter how/where I got it!

      Thanks for introducing me to these new words 🙂 Love ’em!

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      • From your anniversary post I would say that the getting lighter and fitter part of it hasn’t hurt 😉 Keep on keeping on! Osu! Also pushups help with punching if you do em right so punching probably helps with push ups too 🙂

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  4. Ossu, Rach! Yeah, I’m scared too of writing things about others. I generally edit like crazy over the course of a week. Thanks so much for telling me I’m not alone in this 🙂

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    • It’s hard to be completely one sided. Blogging is inherently narcissistic but even so, how can you make something real without context? And context often means other people.

      I edit a lot too and think before I post…..I will just be thinking a lot longer and harder now. Even though noone asked me or expected me to take anything down, when I looked back at a few things, particularly things that had been commented on by others who may not have understood me or the things I was writing about, I decided it was best that only I could see them – that way I can still reflect on things but not open myself or anyone else to criticism. I don’t think people get my Sar-chasm sometimes either (have you seen that meme?…..nearly as good as the nerdjacking one!!). 🙂


      • LOL, sar-chasm is almost self explanatory, but I checked to be sure I understood it 😉 Yeah, sometimes we just gotta do the pushups for whatever we did and be determined to be better for it.

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