Citrus infused cocoa

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate at the end of a day? I would have to say that a hot drink after the kids are in bed is part of my wind down routine and I feel weird if I skip it. I am not the greatest at winding down at the best of times but I like to think cocoa helps me relax. At my brother’s I tried a hot chocolate infused with orange and it was great (and vegan and gluten free) but the first ingredient was sugar. I don’t really eat sugar much but couldn’t resist the thought of jaffa as a hot drink. It was as delicious as I expected.

So I thought… can’t be that hard to recreate. And it isn’t.


Desired quantity of cocoa (I have a really large mug which holds about 800 mL so I use about 2-3 heaped teaspoons – I would suggest 1-2 heaped teaspoons for an average mug)

1-2 teaspoons of citrus zest (I prefer orange but have tried it with lemon and lime and that works too)

desired amount of sweetener of choice

boiling water

non dairy milk of choice (I like almond but soy would be fine)


Boil the kettle.

Put cocoa, citrus zest and sweetner into mug

Pour in 3/4 cup or more boiling water, stirring to avoid lumps

Add milk

Sit down (preferably) and enjoy.


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