Jaffa walnut brownies

When you are onto a good thing, stick to it!

Riding the success of my Sarv’s Jaffa Cake https://sagiashidachi.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/sarvs-jaffa-cake/ (which I have on good authority was very tasty), I thought I would try another jaffa recipe out.

I recently made some black bean (well actually kidney bean) brownies from Gluten Free Vegan Girl’s blog which were great so I thought I would try a variation on that theme. This was also an excuse to get back on the horse as far as my “new” oven was concerned.


2.5 cups cooked kidney beans

1.5 cups presoaked (in water or in the OJ) pitted dates

rind and juice of 2 oranges

1 tsp vanilla extract

almond pulp from making almond milk (ie 1 cup of almonds which had been soaked and “milked”)

2 tsp flax seed meal

3/4 cup walnuts


Preheat oven to about 120 degrees. (Especially if you have an oven that kills things).

Put dates and juice in food processor and turn into puree. Add in remaining ingredients except walnuts and blitz until smooth.

Add in walnuts and pulse a few times to mix in (or mix in by hand).

Bake in 2 lined small loaf tins lined with baking paper for about 45 minutes (check and rotate after about 1/2 cooking) or until top is cracked a little and skewer comes out clean from centre.

Cool in tins – refrigerate to firm up.

Cut into desired portions and keep in fridge. I have also frozen some (I hope that works) for Sarven to try next week : )

Try not to eat it all at once.


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