Thinking outside the box

Who needs built in robes when you have a few (hundred) moving boxes!

Well Hello again!

It’s been a little while since I wrote anything on here. I have been slightly preoccupied and very busy with the whole house moving thing. After hundreds of boxes and several car loads of stuff came up our driveway we were finally able to move in to our new place last Friday, only a week after settlement so overall not too bad.

There is still a lot to be done at the old place to get it cleaned and pretty so we can get it on the market and until we sell, much of our furniture will remain there to make the house look like a home. Whilst I am enjoying the whole minimally furnished look (I can practice kata in pretty much every room of the house without hitting a wall!), this provides part of the incentive to sell fast. There are still some things that we would like to do here too (such as some built in storage, some flooring and perhaps eventually the kitchen). My husband and I have been pretty busy between work and other commitments trying to get everything done, so much so that there has been very little time to sit down and enjoy our new home.

We have barely had time to talk to each other before collapsing wearily at midnight onto our new mattress (on the floor, our bed still being at the old house) and sleeping briefly only to be woken before the crack of dawn by the munchkins who are definitely excited about the move. Having “cardboard” walls and little furniture / no carpet means that even from our room at the opposite end of the house, we can hear their sneezing and the stomping  pitter – patter of their little feet, bless them.

But there have been moments already, like waking up to hear the magpies and see the beautiful view from our room or watching the kids play outside in the alfresco and the big garden, while cooking / cleaning up in the kitchen or coming home from work to see the sunset reflected in the window of the front room, which leave me feeling so grateful and certain that we chose the right place to call home. I know we will be very happy here and I know we won’t regret the decision, despite the fact it was made in haste, under pressure and at an incredibly stressful time.

So as I see the light at the end of the tunnel I am starting to be able to think outside the box(es) again. And speaking of boxes, they do make excellent wardrobes don’t you think? Perhaps we don’t need the built in’s for Mr 6 after all…!


5 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box

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  2. Exciting (and exhausting) times! I like the cardboard look for J’s wardrobe – he can decorate it any way he wants! Good luck with getting the old place on the market.

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