I recently had some quiet time away after a very busy period. I did write (by hand) a long blog post on the madness that preceded it but I have decided not to publish it (at least certainly not without significant editing / cuts!). I will share with you some reflections which I published on facebook while we were away. Other than that I used social media and any communication / electronics very little which was also a refreshing change.

(The photo below was taken the afternoon we arrived at Myponga Beach where we spent our relaxing couple of days).

Life is but a constant series of moments. As in nature, these moments are as fleeting as they are raw and beautiful.

Moments can be captured (to a greater or lesser degree) in photographs and in memories, and replayed, as such, but never actually repeated.

Keep your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin alert and take in each moment to the fullest degree possible. Most importantly, keep your mind open, that you may take something with you from each moment, (a momento, if you will); something which will help you not only to remember, but to learn and grow.


One thought on “Reflections.

  1. Glad you had time to renew and refresh! Beautiful photo! I always try to look for those wonderful moments so I can stay strong and remember life really is beautiful.

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