Being “courted” – part two – The jury rap – a poetic catharsis of the “trial” I have just experienced.

Twelve complete strangers,

One shared story,

First hand, second hand?

Evidence is gory.

Emotive or emotionless?

Rational? Inferred?

Motive or motive-less?

Possible? Preferred?

What’s agreed fact? What’s really real?

How many times can evidence be sifted?

We only tell time by the mid-day meal.

And only tell progress by opinions shifted.

When a verdict swings wildly

There’s a lot that you can tell;

It becomes clear peer pressure

Is much alive and well.

Twelve opinions must merge

Into a distinct majority.

If you go against the flow,

You’re in the marginalised minority.

Victimised and bullied,

Disrespected and unheard,

I can’t escape this holding cell,

Or try to leave the herd.

They say to judge the facts

To arrive at a decision,

Put emotions to the side.

Send the right people to prison.

I’m not here to make a friend.

I am here to do a job.

I’ve used the facts; made up my mind.

I refuse to join the mob.

Twelve file into the court room

For the very last time

To give Judge an opinion

On who committed a crime.

Some jurors show nothing

Some of them are weeping

I am numb and struck quite dumb

But know I’ll have no trouble sleeping.

They send us home, providing cabs

Like the wounded from a war

And I now attempt to pick up life

Where I left it weeks before.

A rewarding experience?

On that fact the jury’s out.

I can’t see it’s been proved to me

Beyond reasonable doubt!


7 thoughts on “Being “courted” – part two – The jury rap – a poetic catharsis of the “trial” I have just experienced.

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  2. Good grief! You’ve been through the wringer. Wow. Hey, do you have a way to subscribe by email? Not that such subscriptions are 100% guarantee I won’t miss anything, LOL, but it might help me keep up with you 🙂


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