Chocolate and black sesame smoothie

Tahini is apparently good for heart health. It is full of zinc and protein and lots of other good stuff and if you don’t care about anything like that, another good reason to eat it is that it tastes great!

Obviously tahini (I always was brought up calling it techina) is great in savoury dishes like humus but it is fabulous in baking, desserts and smoothies. It adds a lovely creaminess to smoothies and a similar taste and texture as do nut butters.

I bought some black tahini (made from black sesame seeds). I love it but unless you don’t mind your humus looking like cement then it is probably best used in things that either are meant to be on the grey side (like my black sesame icecream), use it neat (I used it once to make a spider web design on a plate once for a savoury vegan cheeze ball spider at Halloween),  or disguise it to a similarly dark colour…..hence the addition of cocoa.


1 frozen banana sliced

1 cup almond or other non dairy milk (or water)

2 teaspoons black tahini (you can use normal tahini if you don’t have though and it will be fine though less dark)

2 heaped teaspoons (or more) cocoa.

Put everything in the blender and blitz until smooth and creamy. If you like it thicker you can blend in some ice cubes too.


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