“No-poo” review!

Um….no this is not a review on how to relieve constipation (if you are troubled by this you may want to consider upping your fruit and vegetable consumption and fluid intake!). This is a review on caring for your hair without using Shampoo and conditioner or other products.

I came across the “no-poo” method about 12 months ago on various blogs and to be honest I was pretty sceptical about it working and certainly about it working for someone with hair like mine. For those of you who have met me you know that my hair is a bit of a defining feature. It is thick and long (to the level of my sacrum) and fairly wavy if left to dry without being tied up. I had various concerns about not using any “product”. Primarily I was worried that my hair would smell odd, that it would lose shine and that it would get quite wispy without using leave in oils. My other worry was how to deal with heavy sweating – which happens to me 2-3 times a week at least when I train if not more often. I was less concerned about what is referred to as the “transition period” where you let your hairs natural oils adjust to not being stripped by shampoo. Having hair like mine the most I wash it is about twice a week anyway and this period seemed to mostly affect people who washed it daily.

So what is the “no-poo” method. Before you wash you brush your hair to distribute the oils from your scalp and then you move on to the washing / conditioning part. Basically instead of using shampoo you use a mix of bicarb soda and water. For my hair this equates to about a third of a cup of bicarb with enough water to make a thick paste. You wet your hair and rub the paste into your scalp then rinse it off. To condition your hair you put through a rinse of vinegar and cool water and then rinse with cool water (otherwise you may smell a little like vinegar). After that. Towel dry your hair as normal and brush it and let it dry (I never dry mine with a hair drier but I don’t see why this would pose any problems.) You may wish to put a little coconut oil in the ends when it is still wet, every so often, ie if they look dry, but otherwise, that is it.

I have been using this method for 2-3 months now and I can honestly say my hair has never looked or felt better. I am glad I tried it out. My concerns were completely unfounded. Added bonus is it leaves the shower cleaner rather than leaving conditioner and soap residue!

Additional note:

Apparently for hair that has been sweaty you can freshen up with a water rinse and then some lemon juice and vinegar……I am going to try this now as this morning was a bit of a sweat fest at Karate (yay….my toe is now letting me do more!)


3 thoughts on ““No-poo” review!

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  2. B never washes his hair. I’ve switched to a cheaper “less chemical” shampoo/conditioner. A has coarse hair like me – does the vinegar soften it?


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