Raw Apricot Pie

We discovered that the apricot tree at our local train station is chocoblock with fruit. Zalia is single handedly trying to eat out the tree but Mr foodie Jonah requested I make apricot pie. He procedes to tell me how you make it (with pastry / fruit etc). I promptly ignore him and do my own thing.

Raw Apricot Pie (4 medium ramikins – serves 4-8 depending on how greedy you are)


handful of dates

hand full of buckwheat groats

hand full of oats (largish as I slipped)

1/2 – 1 tspn ginger powder

Blitz in food processor (I actually used the chopper attachement for the new stab mix which worked fine for this quantity) until you get a sticky dough.

Press into baking paper lined ramikins

Option 2 – double (approx) recipe and press into large lined flan tin  (about 30cm diameter I think).


8-9 fresh ripe apricots (de stoned)

1 banana

1-2 heaped tablespoons decicated coconut

1 tspn cinnamon

1 tspn vanilla

2-3 tbsn ground chia (flax wd work too and possibly psylium husk) – depends how thick you want it – I used about 1 and the consistency was like thick jam.

Blitz until smooth mix. Pour over crusts and set in fridge (this made some extra filling which would be good on toast as jam or in cereal or on nice-cream or even in a smoothie).

Option 2 – filling for large pie dish

20 apricots (de stoned)

3 T flaxmeal and 3 T psylium or a bit more covered in water

2-3 T coconut flour

1 cup dates

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp cinamon

Blitz dates and apricots until smooth, add in spices, vanilla and coconut flour and blitz again until combined, add in psyllium and flax gloop and blitz again. Pour into flan tin crust and smooth over top

This whole process took about 15 mins tops including thinking up the recipe as I went along and doing the dishes.

a slice of the big pie (version 2)


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