Easy chocolate peanut butter fudge / nut free variation

This is an adaption of a fudge recipe on wholefood simply which is also delicious but uses brazil nuts and goji berries.

3 large or 2 really large ripe bananas

2 cups pitted dates

2 cups dry roasted (unsalted) peanuts

3 tablespoons (no added salt / sugar) peanut butter – I used smooth but am sure crunchy would be fine

1 tablespoon coconut butter (you could possibly leave out but may not be as glossy)

6 heaped tablespoons cocoa

1/2 cup raisins or sultanas (optional).

crushed peanuts for decoration (if desired)

Put everything except the raisins or sultanas and the crushed peanuts into the food processor. Blitz until smooth (will still have some chunks of peanuts in which is nice). Add in the raisins or sultanas and puls until mixed in. Press mixture into a slice tin (about 25cm square) lined with baking paper. Using a sheet of baking paper smooth and even out the top then sprinkle with crushed peanuts, cover / wrap with baking paper. Set in fridge or freezer – I prefer freezer, for several hours or overnight. Take out and place unwrapped on a board and cut into squares 1.5cm or smaller or larger depending on preferrence. Store in airtight container layering with baking paper as needed (re use what you used to make it) in freezer if wanting to store longer than a week or so, or otherwise fridge is ok.

nut free variation: use sunflower seeds in place of peanuts, coconut butter or tahini in place of peanut butter, I like to use goji berries or cranberries instead of sultanas for colour and also some pumpkin seeds. Sprinkle top with extra gojis and pumpkin seeds if desired instead of crushed nuts.


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